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AWLMC currently needs volunteers to fill the following positions. Please select the area(s) you would like to help with. Please note that all volunteers for adoption counselor positions must be over 21 years of age, and that all of our volunteers must be over 18 years of age.

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To help us maintain accurate records and to ensure that you are an active volunteer for the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County, please read the paragraph below and indicate your acceptance by checking the appropriate box and adding your name in the signature field. This will serve as your acceptance. This is required of all active AWLMC volunteers.
I wish to volunteer with the Animal Welfare League of Montgomery County (AWLMC). I intend to volunteer with the AWLMC by utilizing my skills to help the organization. I authorize the AWLMC to conduct a background history file check by name and identifiers. By signing this form (below), I agree to abide with the Mission Statement and policies of the AWLMC. *
Thank you for submitting your application to volunteer with ALWMC! We are an all-volunteer organization, so please allow thirty days for our Volunteer Coordinators to review your application.  If there is a match between your skills/areas in which you want to volunteer and the needs of AWLMC, we will contact you. 
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