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The Pan African Cultural Festival is part of a series of events commemorating September as African Heritage Month. We are celebrating the 50th Anniversay of the African Union.  This event is held at the Plaza of the newly constructed Silver Spring Civic Center at One Veterans Plaza, 850 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

The festival showcases the rich and diverse cultures of the African people. The festival attracts people of all ages and backgrounds. Montgomery County is the first county to dedicate an entire month to the African Community. The African Heritage Month recognizes the African Union day and the critical relationships between the United States and African nations.  

The year’s festival will focus on the journey of the African from the roots, to the heritage to the diaspora.

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**All food vendors must obtain a permit from Montgomery County to provide food**


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Vendor's Fees (If you are paying by PayPal, there is a 4% fee)
1.  All payments must be made by 30 August 2013
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1.  All payments must be made immediately by using  Paypal.  
2.  You will be assessed a 4% fee. The additional 4% will be in the Paypal invoice that you receive via email.  
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Vendor Guidelines

1. Vendor hours are Saturday September 21, 2013 from 9am – 9pm. Vendors are asked to arrive at the Civic Center between 6:00am and 7:00am to set up. Loading and unloading of vehicles will take place behind the civic center building at the loading dock. Food vendor hours are 11:00am until 9pm.
2. Vendor understands that we DO NOT provide tables and/or set up material.  Vendor agrees to dismantle its display and move its property from the area no later than 9:30p.m on Saturday, September 21, 2013.
3. Extra fees incurred by Panafest will be charged to vendors that exceed this time frame. Panafest is not responsible for any items left by any vendor after the conclusion of the festival.
4. Vendor understands and agrees that “Panafest” and its sponsors are not responsible for loss of, theft of or damage to goods or property of vendors or personal injuries to the vendor’s and/or its’ employees and Exhibitor. Upon signing the agreement releases Panafest and its sponsors from all such claims.
5. Vendors will not be allowed on the grounds unless they have paid in full.
6. Vendors cannot sell any Alcoholic Beverages.
7. Vendors will be assigned a designated area. Vendors must abide by the decision of the Vendor Committee to remain in their designated area.
8. Food vendors are responsible for acquiring all necessary permits to vend food. All food vendors must already possess a license to handle food from the state of Maryland. Contact (240) 777-3986 for instructions. Food inspectors will be on the premises during the festival. Vendors will not be allowed to vend unless they are cleared by the on-site inspector.
9. Exhibits must clearly post all prices.
10. Exhibitors must clean up their space at the end of the day, leaving no grease or hazardous materials.
11. Absolutely no selling of Bootleg DVDs, CDs, VHS or any other illegal materials on the festival premises.
12. This event is outdoors and will go on rain or shine; a tent is recommended by not required.
13. There will be no refunds.

By typing your name below, you agree to abide by the guidelines of this document.  You understand that you must obtain the proper permits in order to vend at this event.  Your typed name below will represent your digital signature for this contract. 


21 September 2013
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