The SEMA Rep Agency of the Year Award has been established to honor a Rep Agency for their outstanding contribution to the industry during the past twelve (12) months corresponding with the SEMA fiscal year, July 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015. Achievements made following or prior to this time period are not to be taken into account as part of the awards process.
For award criteria, please click here.
I have read the criteria for the SEMA Rep Agency of the Year Award and, based on those guidelines, I wish to nominate the following Rep Agency:

Principal #1
Principal #2
Principal #3

* Is this candidate involved in SEMA? (e.g. member, ambassador, service on committees, task forces, councils, board, etc.).
Rank each of the following based on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being the best.
* Quality and frequency of calls to the WD.
* Knowledge of terms and policies of lines/products represented (e.g. technical, general, presentation).
* Communication of critical information between the supplier and client network and vice versa.
* Ability to provide the services required by the manufacturer and the WD.
* Effective implementation of manufacturers’ programs in a timely manner.
* Maintains current and up-to-date catalogs/database files and price sheets/pricing files.
* Consistently reviews and writes up product warranties in a timely manner.
* Does periodic inventory reviews to ensure WD’s product coverage and inventory turns.
* Integrity of the agency in all operations.
* Conscientious and timely follow-through by reps on specific issues.
* Pursuit of new marketing opportunities.
* Maintains continuous training and education programs.
* Troubleshoots and attempts to resolve any problems related to a rep’s line/product.
* Supports and actively participates in WD open houses and other events.
* Makes in-field jobber calls on behalf of the WD and manufacturer and reports findings.

Submitted By:
* Indicates Response Required
If you have questions regarding the SEMA Awards or need general assistance, please contact Lindsay Bianco at LindsayB@SEMA.org or directly at 909-978-6692.