Important Things You Must know In Your SEO Strategy

The world of search engine optimization has changed a lot. But, the fundamental principles are still intact.


The relevance of keywords have also increased since they reveal more about the user’s preferences. However, with too much information on SEO and strategizing, it can become too confusing.

Well, this article will provide you with most important tips for revamping your SEO strategy while dodging the Google penalty.


  1. DE clutter your website

The first golden rule for making sure that you have good and steady traffic is to remove anything that slows down your website.

The time when one had to wait for five minutes to load a website is gone now.

Not only a long waiting time dampens the entire experience, but chases away potential readers!

Whether it is a product or a blog, a slow page will frustrate your customers and force them to leave.

Moreover, page speed is a vital factor, both for users and for search engines. For WordPress users, deactivating plugins might be the first step.

DE cluttering side bars and putting the most essential widgets will also be helpful.


  1. Provide links to other website with relevant content

 In the words of the founder of Copyblogger Media Brian Clark, linking to other blogs is crucial to growth.

In contrary to the popular belief that providing link to trustworthy websites take people off your page, it helps readers by sending out tractable traffic. A fundamental part of creating a smart SEO strategy is link building.

There is no way you can expect to have inbound links from any authoritative blogs if you do not provide links to their blogs in your own content.

However, you should only be linking content that has tremendous value- it is considered to be a good SEO practice.

Link building is all about quality over quantity. It is preferred to have a few authoritative links in comparison to a dozen of links with no quality.


  1. Readers come first

If looked at closely, many content creators and bloggers are going back to old school SEO methods. They are paying more importance to keywords instead of producing engaging and quality content.

This practice makes people try and attempt to manipulate searches.

However, content written for real people by keeping their needs and reading habits in mind can never surpass the game of keywords alone. At the end of the day, the search spiders are nothing but scripts.

If you continue to put search engine first in your priority list, and human readers second, you will never gain loyal customers or readers.

Funny, but true- if you produce content that will help your consumers, search engines will reward you. Moreover, you will also enhance your reader’s experience and build trust.


  1. Web analytics are a priority

The next step after setting your search engine optimization goals is to keep a software that tracks the performance.

Apart from Google Analytics, and Google Search Console, you can also opt for various private web analytics software solutions as a means to understand what is working, and what is not.

There are other options like Crazy Egg which show you places where the visitors of your website are clicking, and how they move away from your website.

These aspects of web analytics need to be ready prior to you sending a visitor your landing page.


  1. Create unique but relevant meta description for all your pages

An often ignored tip for SEO is well written meta description. It is the first thing that people see when your page is served by search engines.

In most of the times, search engines are not fond of copied content. But it publishing plagiarized content has become your way of life, (apart from those times when there is a need to cite some information in a part of an article) it would be impossible for you to succeed.

Similarly, a copy-pasted meta description is bound to get you into trouble.

WordPress users can install All-in-One-SEO Pack or Yoast plugins to eliminate any duplicate meta descriptions. 


  1. Use only readable and meaningful URLs

If there is a possibility for your readers that your readers might be confused with your URL, it is likely for the search engines to be confused as well. 

Hence, use only 2 or 4 words in an URL since it will be easier for your users to remember and is search engine friendly.



It is crucial to keep these SEO tips in mind. Do not change your domain name very frequently.

If you find that your content has lost its relevance owing to the recent changes in analytics of Google, consider updating your content in the page rather than writing a new content.

By doing so, you can still retain all the backlinks and social media shares along with other on-site engagement metrics that you have managed to earn.

Lastly, keep these tips in mind, and we can assure you to see a drastic improvement in your organic traffic and grow your revenue. For further guidance, you can look for SEO Abu Dhabi on Google and hire professionals to nail your SEO strategies.

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