Please answer carefully all questions as it will greatly help us determine your eligibility and qualification for the mortgage.

US Mortgage Pre-Approval Application for Foreign Nationals and US Citizens with Foreign Income

*Applicant with higher income must be a Borrower and applicant with lesser income a Co-Borrower.
*Co-Borrower must also be an income earner to be eligible to apply for the mortgage.
*Please enter all values in US Dollars.
Type of the Real Estate  *
 |Single Family Home (House)||Condominium||Townhouse||Multifamily Home|
Property type:
Property use: *
Property Finding *
Have you found a property to buy?
Offer/Contract on the Property * 🛈
Did you sign any offers or contracts?
Borrower's Employment Status * 🛈
Borrower's Current US Property Ownership *
Do you presently own any properties in the US?
Borrower's Mortgages in the US *
Do you presently have any mortgages in the US?
Origin of Borrower's Income *
Is primary income earned outside the US?
Borrower's US Employment *
Are you employed in the US?
Down Payment Source *
Down payment is from?
Borrower's US Citizenship *
Are you US Citizen?
Borrower's US Social Security Number *
Do you have US Social Security number?
Realtor Representation *
Are you presently represented by a Licensed Real Estate Agent (Realtor)?
Minimum Down Payment and Reserves Requirements * 🛈
Do you have minimum of 30% down payment + closing cost + 6 monthly payment reserves?
Visa Requirements *
(If required) Is your US Visa issued?
Present Location *
Are you presently in the US?
Previous Client or Associate Refferal * 🛈
Reffered by previous client or associate?
Co-Borrower's Employment Status
How Did You Learn About Our Company? *
 |Search Engine||Google AdWords||Web Press Release||Yahoo Ads||Magazine|
Found thru:
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