Dane County Grant Program - Round 2
The Dane County Small Business Grant Program, administered by Dane Buy Local, is available for small businesses experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.
By creating this grant program, Dane County and Dane Buy Local hope to help local businesses survive the COIVD-19 public health crisis, which has caused many to temporarily close their doors. Through this grant program, businesses will be able to apply for funding to help stay afloat and retain employees. We encourage small business owners throughout our community to apply.
The criteria being used to award grants include:
    • Average grant of approximately $10,000 per business
    • Business experiencing financial hardship which is expected to continue for at least the next 3 months
    • Number of employees
    • The business an independently owned, a local business whose main office is based in Dane County. Franchises do not qualify
    • Minority and Woman-owned businesses including people of color, immigrants, women, veterans, and LGBT
    • Funds used for COVID-19 related expense (rent, payroll, utilities, etc.) or business development opportunities to save or pivot the business
    • Payments provided to a business name (not an individual)
    • The businesses revenues decreased by 30% or more in 2020 versus 2019
    • The business a for-profit enterprise. Nonprofits do not qualify for this grant program
    • The maximum grant amount is $50,000
There is $4 million of available funding to support Dane County locally owned small businesses with employee retention and to mitigate losses from the COVID-19 pandemic. Grant awards will range up to $50,000.
Please complete your application completely so we may process it as efficiently as possible. Applications with missing information may not be accepted.
The application deadline is February 15, 2021. Grant award notices are expected to be sent out within 3-4 weeks after the deadline. 
Programa de subvenciones del condado de Dane - Ronda 2
Are you an independently owned, local business with the main office based in Dane County? Franchises do not qualify for this program.

¿Es usted una empresa local de propiedad independiente con la oficina principal en el condado de Dane? Las franquicias no califican para este programa. *
Type of Business
Tipo de negocio  *
Has there been a loss of 30% income over 2019?
Ha habido una pérdida del 30% de ingresos con respecto al 2019?    *
Are you a for-profit business?
¿Es una empresa con fines de lucro? *
How did you hear about this grant?
¿Cómo se enteró de esta solicitud? *
Race of Primary Business Owner (needed for reporting)
Raza del propietario principal de la empresa (necesaria para los informes) *
Veteran/Veterana *
Women Owned
Propiedad de mujeres *
Where does your business operate?
¿Dónde opera su negocio? *
Was your business open prior to March 15, 2020?
¿Estaba su empresa abierta antes del 15 de marzo de 2020? *
Is your business currently open?
¿Su negocio está abierto actualmente? *
Did your business revenues decrease 30% or more in 2020 versus 2019?
¿Los ingresos de su negocio disminuyeron un 30% o más en 2020 en comparación con 2019? *
Have you previously received a Dane County Grant (Note: This does not disqualify a business from qualifying)?

¿Ha recibido anteriormente una subvención del condado de Dane (Nota: esto no descalifica a una empresa de calificar)? *
Have you received grants from the State of Wisconsin (We’re all In, Restaurants, Day Care, Music Venue)?

¿Ha recibido subvenciones del estado de Wisconsin (todos estamos adentro, restaurantes, guardería, lugar de música)? *
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