MSU Denver Office of the Registrar

Institutional College Opportunity Fund (COF) Waiver

I affirm that I have read, understood, and agreed to this form in its entirety and that the information supplied is true and complete. If false information including falsified supporting documentation is found, the request will become void and the resultant action will be retroactively nullified.
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The College Opportunity Fund allows all resident, undergraduate students to apply the COF stipend to a maximum of 145 credit hours. Students can use this one-time waiver to apply for up to 3 consecutive semesters of additional COF hours and must be used within that time. Review your COF lifetime “hours used” balance on the College Assist website:
- A COF waiver does not exempt you from tuition, fees, late and service charges or financial holds.
- This process does not address tuition refunds for course drop or withdrawal, class fees, late enrollment, grades or grade changes, tuition classification, or other academic policies or regulations.
- File as soon as you identify you need a waiver – The University will not retroactively apply hours for prior terms.
- Decisions can take up to two weeks – You will be notified through your student email if your waiver has been
approved or denied.
DENIED: If a student has not successfully completed at least one semester at MSU Denver.
DENIED: If a student has already submitted a COF Waiver for a previous semester.
- If you are denied or seeking more hours after this waiver is used, you will need to appeal with the
Colorado Commission on Higher Education (CCHE). 
- If you have not received a baccalaureate degree at the end of the waiver period and choose to continue your
course work, you must pay full tuition (without COF stipend credit) for all hours in excess of the hours added to
my COF lifetime limit.
Deadline: The deadline is different for each term so please refer to the Academic Calendar for the specific term you are applying for.