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Graduation Application Addendum

DO NOT use this form to request a re-evaluation of your graduation status.  Only use this form to change the name on your diploma, the semester you plan on graduating, or ask for an alternate mailing address for your diploma.  
Do you want to change your name as it will appear on your diploma?
Do you want to change where your diploma is mailed that is different from the street address on your student account?
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WARNING: You have not selected anything! Are you sure you don't need to make one of the changes described above (that are the sole purpose of this form)? If you are instead seeking only to participate in the commencement ceremony (while not having officially applied for graduation or not having graduation requirements met), please see the message below:
**If you wish to participate in the Commencement ceremony and have your name appear in the Commencement Program for a semester you will not be graduating in, you must fill out a Walk-Only Request form. The Fall 2022 Walk Only Request form will be available the first day of the Fall semester (due by October 12th).  This form is found the bottom of the page at:
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