MSU Denver Office of the Registrar

Incomplete Agreement Form

The Incomplete notation (I) may be assigned when a student is achieving satisfactory progress in a course and is not able to complete all class assignments due to extenuating circumstances, such as documented illness, military leave, disability, internships that fall outside traditional semester timeframes, or circumstances beyond their control. Incompletes are not automatic; it is at the discretion of the faculty member whether to grant an incomplete. Departments may have additional standards and/or criteria. Students should consult with their faculty memberand department to determine additional requirements.
Instructions: This form should be completed and signed by the faculty member before being signed by the student
and department chair.
I agree to accept the missing work, to grade it according to the grading policy articulated in my syllabus, to
turn in the final grade in a timely manner, and to arrange for the return of graded work. I have forwarded to
my chair the course-specific instructor syllabus with grading criteria for the course, a copy of assignment
details for work to be completed, a copy of the attendance record (if applicable), and any additional materials
that would enable the calculation of the student􀂷s final grade in the event that I am unable to do so. Part-time
and temporary faculty should consult with their department chair or their coordinator before agreeing to
give an incomplete.
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