PERC Candidate Registration

PERC is a non-profit organization that connects employers with approximately 1000 candidates including teachers from Pre K–12 disciplines, as well as related certification areas such as counseling, therapies, and administration. The PERC Education Job Fair is a well-respected regional, national, international recruitment event.

Please note: you must use the same email address when
setting up your Career Fair Plus account, in order to access
the fair. If you are a current student from a consortium
school (see list of colleges and universities below) please
use your .edu email.
Major Area of Certification (Select all that apply) *
Permission to release contact information to employers

If you say "Yes" you are giving permission to release your name, certification, and email address to employers. They may reach out to you prior to and/or after the job fair. *
Graduate School Permission

If you say "yes" you are giving your permission for ONLY the graduate schools who advertise with PERC to contact you. *
PERC Job Fair Registration Fee (Consortium-member school) *
PERC Job Fair Registration Fee (Non-consortium school) *
Terms and Conditions *
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