Our pastor gave us a mandate to aggressively pursue the relocation of our church from 1 Diamond Avenue to our 14-acre property at the intersection of Brandt Pike and Needmore Road.

The mandate requires prayer, strategy, partnerships, collaboration, and most importantly, your wise counsel and support.

Please answer the questions below to help us prepare a relocation plan.

I agree to support a pastor-led relocation prayer call if it occurs: *
A relocation project requires financial commitments from Mt. Pisgah, banks, and investors. To help the church with all relocation expenses I covenant to give:  *
The church owns our current building and several adjacent properties. Do you understand why we might sell our land and or sell the existing church to speed up the relocation? *
Each week Mt. Pisgah has viewers tuning in across the country. We need your help to make this vision go viral. I agree to post, tag, and reshare church communications about our relocation: *

Data collected in this section is for ministry purposes only. We do not sell your personal information

If I volunteer to help with the relocation, I would prefer to work on a: (contact info. required): *