design & development questionnaire

Please fill out the following questions to the best of your ability.
If you don't know an answer to a question skip it we will let you know if that information is needed.

contact information


website information

Do you currently have a website that we will be replacing or taking resources link images and text information? *
Login info we may need (godaddy, networksolutions, blue host, 1and1, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Formsites etc…)
 UsernamePasswordAccount Email
Domain Name - Login
Hosting - Login
WordPress - Login
Squarespace - Login
Wix - Login
Other - Login

design - organization, navigation and pages

List the pages & sub-pages you need on the area to the right >
The example below is for a car dealership layout:

    a. History
    b. Bio
    c. Staff

    a. Cars
    b. Trucks
    c. SUV
    d. Mini Vans



design - look & feel

Please check words that best describe your design aesthetic/style. You can also fill in the "other" category if a word is not on the list:
Styles - You can select more that one
 TraditionalRetroArt DecoCountryRural ChicNauticalIndustrialGothicModernHightechMinimalistOther?
Feel of the website - You can select more that one
Foundation, Framework, Plate & Shapes - You can select more that one
 WideNarrowTallSingle PageCurvySquaredBlockedGradientsSolids3-D2-DFlatShadowsOther?

design - color

Color Aspects
 BrightNeonWarmEarth tonesCoolPastelsNeutralAnalogousMonochromaticOther?

design - favorite websites

Make a list of websites you like. Be as specific as possible and describe what you like about each website:
 Website Address Domain name (URL)What do you like about this website?
Site #1
Site #2
Site #3
Site #4
Site #5


Please provide all website assets in a digital format and in a timely manner.
This includes but is not limited to graphics, images, form samples, calculators, graphs, PDF’s, etc...
If you have not already you will receive an invite to a folder.
Do you need a customized intake form, logo, motion graphic, artwork or special images not native to your website? *
Finally are there any areas of this project that we missed that you would like to tell us? *
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