Nominee Questionnaire For 2024 Officers/Directors

DEADLINE for this form is Friday, July 14th, 2023

The Nominating Committee will meet in July 2023 and the recommended slate of candidates for Officer and Director positions will be sent out by August 11th, 2023. If no additional nominees are received via petition by August 11th, 2023, the nominees will be elected at the General Membership Meeting on September 14th, 2023. 
All information will be confidential and reviewed only by the nominating committee and staff liaision. 
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I am willing, able, and ready to volunteer my services to allow the Nominating Committee to consider me the nomination for the following Office(s) or Position(s): *
Officer positions require that nominees meet 2 out of the 3 criteria of:
          - Hold an acitive Mississippi license for 3 or more years in good standing.
          - Served previously on the NWMS REALTORS® Board of Directors.
          - Completed the NWMS REALTORS® Leadership Program. 

I understand that the Nominating Committee is not obligated to nominate me for a leadership position based solely on a recommendation from myself, its officers or any other REALTOR® group or member, and that a recommendation by the Nominating Committee does not constitute election to a particular office. I have reviewed the Association Bylaws and Nominating Committee comments (on 2nd page of this document) regarding service on the Board of Directors. I agree to the purpose, mission and goals of the Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS® and understand the requirements and protocol of Board service. If nominated and elected, I shall fulfill the expectations of the Association Board members to my best ability. I will support the time commitment to fulfill the expectations of Northwest Mississippi Association of REALTORS® Board members.

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Nominating Committee Comments Regarding Service on the Association’s Board of Directors

Being selected by your peers to serve on the Board of Directors is both an honor and a tribute to you as a highly respected leader in your profession. Membership on the Board also carries with it a broad range of responsibilities. There is always a price to pay for leadership and the Association is no exception.  While the only mandatory requirement of a Board member is to attend the Board and committee meetings, members need to be aware that much more is expected of them as Association leaders. The following will give you insight into involvement and service on the Board, should you be nominated and elected to serve.


Meeting Attendance

When elected, new Board members will attend a leadership retreat out of town with the entire Board and Chief Executive Officer. The Board meets monthly for business purposes. Dates for the year are established at the first Board meeting of the year. Board members are expected to attend most primary member events (e.g., quarterly membership meetings, Installation) and as many secondary events (e.g., Fundraisers, Holiday events, Lunches) as feasible.


Board Liaison Duties

A crucial element of the Association’s system is the Board liaison. Board members are expected to serve as liaisons to the general membership. It is imperative to assist in communicating business decisions and new ventures to the membership.


Leadership Expectations

  • Board members must be qualified, informed and experienced representatives that exemplify the highest standards of professional ethics, volunteerism, and commitment to the association management profession.
  • Board members are fiduciary agents for the Association operations and finances.
  • Board members are expected to take an active role in all member activities and attend as many major meetings as feasible.
  • Board members are expected to fulfill their liaison responsibilities.
  • Board members are expected to engage, participate and contribute to discussions and debates.
  • They should volunteer for special assignments and task forces as needed.
  • Board members should be strategic thinkers and look at the “big picture” of the Association’s vision, mission, and strategic initiatives, free of “private agendas”.
  • They should not be overly consumed and interested in administrative procedures and details.



If you have any questions regarding Board service, contact the Chief Executive Officer. Your inquiry will be confidential.

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