PLEASE NOTE: Ready-to-ship Lipkits are limited.

1. You must be an active SeneGence Distributor in good standing.
2. All charities/organizations will be vetted before sending product.
3. ALL items are NOT FOR RESALE - reselling any of these will be grounds for termination.
4. Donated kits MUST contain the MSF LipSense Instruction Card. (You are welcome to include your own card)
Please indicate below your shipment preference: Individual products sent to kit yourself or Ready-to-ship LipKits *
Indicate number of boxes you need. Each box contains 50 completed lipkits.
(0 remaining)
Please order by number of boxes.
Each box of LipSense contains 200 pieces. If you need to build 400 kits,
you will put in 2 next to the product items you want. 
We cannot break a box - example, we will not send less than 200 of each color/item. Each box contains 200 items and that is the minimum to request.
For any items you DO NOT WANT - please put in a 0 - EACH box must contain a number to submit.
Please provide SHIPPING ADDRESS below:
Note - this cannot be the same as the Organization Address.

Orders in excess of 600 may require distributor pick up or shipping fees.

Per IRS requirements, we need the name of the organization receiving the kits and their address.
We cannot send kits without this information and it cannot be the same as the shipping address - UNLESS - you are shipping direct to organization.
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