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We kindly ask for the person who is meeting the driver to be ready for pick up/drop-off.

Pick-up Information (person giving the vehicle)

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Roca provides the most compliant pick-up and delivery dates. However, these may vary 12 hours past the TWO consecutive days given in your order form, due to unforeseen circumstances related to traffic or weather conditions.

Drop-off Information (person receiving the vehicle)

Type of Tires? *
During the period spanning from the month of October through April, encompassing the winter season, it is mandatory that all motor vehicles adhere to the requisite of employing winter or all-season tires.
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Vehicle Information

Please provide details on MODIFICATIONS and CONTENT in the vehicle.
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running condition? *
Is your car a low profile? Has any modifications? If so, clearance and/or further details will be required down below. * *
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Electronics in the vehicle? * 🛈
License plate? * 🛈
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Top rack/Cross bar/Thule box/ Cargo box, etc? * 🛈
Content in the vehicle? *

Note: We strongly suggest to properly secure all license plates before the departure date as they may get unfastened/lost during the transportation, and Roca Car Hauling will not hold any responsibility.
Fully functional? *
Gas or diesel *
Do you wish to ship a second vehicle? *
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Content must NOT exceed the maximum weight provided in the quote. Any content in the vehicle must be below the window line, placed in the trunk, back seat and nothing in the front seats (driver & passanger). Any extra pound above the limit will be charged $2.50 per pound without exceptions. 

Fully Functional:

Meaning the vehicle is in fully drivable conditions by the time we transport it. Including a battery in good-working condition, tires inflated and ¼ tank of gas.

Note: If your vehicle becomes a not running vehicle (stops working) during the transportation and/or transit, additional charges will be added to your file.  

Payment Methods:

To pay by e-transfer, please email the e-transfer to

Roca Car Hauling has limited spots on the truck, your spot will be booked once the dispatch team has sent you the confirmation by email, along with your receipt and order form.

If you are paying with credit card, please write the full amount to be charge on the credit card authorization form, however we will process 50% for the deposit, and the outstanding balance (including any other service required such storage with third party, door service, etc.) will be automatically charged one day before the delivery of your vehicle. (Not available at the moment)

Regarding the payment at the moment we are only accepting payments with e-transfer to (Automathic deposit)under message, please write your reference number provided with your quote for the first payment (only 50 % ;  the outstanding balance is due one day prior to the arrival from ROCA, if the it’s a third party involved  the payment is due one day prior Roca’s arrival, not the third party arrival).


Cancellation Policy:

1.- If we received the cancellation request more than 7 days prior the departure date, there will be a cancellation fee of $280.00
2.- If we received the cancellation request 7 days prior the pick up, the full amount paid becomes non-refundable. 
3.- Once the time for the pick-up of the vehicle has been confirmed and the customer does not show up the deposit paid will become non-refundable.




Phone: (403)250-1585

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