2021 Application

Hi friends, we're excited you're here! Complete your application today and be on your way to forums and meet-ups with 20+ investors, lenders and non-traditional funders, bi-monthly meetings with a customer acquisition business coach, customizable workshops and office hours with legal, human resources, technology, accounting, and marketing professionals and more! If you'd like to learn more about Elevate/Elevar Accelerator, please visit our website.
Application tips:
Before you start this application, here are a few things that would be helpful to collect, use, and do:
• Create a Formsite login, see instructions below ("Save & Return") to save your progress
• Sales & Revenue data from 2019 (if applicable) and 2020
• Business Model Canvas, if applicable, to help you complete our version. The Business Model Canvas we ask you to complete in this application is slightly tweaked. Please provide updated information for this application.
• When opening links, please right click and open them in a new tab.
• Use the "Save & Return" option to save your progress and complete the application at a later time. You must do this if you're going to use the "Save Progress" button at the bottom of the form! Begin by clicking on the "log in" button and you'll then see an option for "New user" and "Returning user." Click on the on "New user" if its your first time saving the application. Click on "Returning user" if you previously started and saved the application. Make sure to write down your username and password***. Once you've used the "Save & Return" button and you're logged in, you can use the "Save progress" button at the bottom of the form to save your work as you fill it out.
• If you have questions, email accelerator@wepowerstl.org.
• This application has 7 sections. We recommend you allocate at least an hour in completing everything.
• You can save your progress by going to the bottom of this application and clicking "save progress" button.
• Many of our questions have "help text" to offer clarity. Please click on the "?" if something is unclear. If you still have the same question after reading the help text, send it over to accelerator@wepowerstl.org.
• If interested, sign up for our application support sessions on 1/28 & 2/4 (right click and open on a new tab)!
Elevate/Elevar Accelerator Timeline:
• 1/18 - 2/5: Applications Open
• 2/12: All entrepreneurs notified if they made it to the next round
• 2/15-2/217: Semi-finalists' interviewed
• 2/19: Finalists announced
• 2/19 - 2/24: Community Vote
• 2/26 - Cohort of ten entrepreneurs announced
• 3/2 & 3/4: Entrepreneur Onboarding begins (additional dates in March tbd)
• 4/1: Accelerator & Curriculum begins

Save & Return

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About You

This program is facilitated in written and spoken English. Do you need any accommodations to participate effectively? * 🛈


Is your business a for-profit entity? * 🛈
Is the business your original idea? * 🛈
Are you or will you be 18 years or older by April 2021? * 🛈
Is your business located in the STL metropolitan area? * 🛈
Are you able to commit to a 6 month program? * 🛈
Is the company fully independent from any parent or partner organization? * 🛈
Are you applying as an individual or a partnership? * 🛈
Do you identify as Black and/or Latinx? *
Please share with us more specifically how you identify (optional) 🛈

Founder's Commitment to Community

At WEPOWER, we approach power as an abundant resource. Rather than using power over communities, our founders build and share economic power and political power with communities most impacted by historic disinvestment. Positive social impact already drives Elevate/Elevar founders, but with the Founders' Commitment to Community, the development of our companys' community wealth-building and engagement practices become core values and standards against which to measure competency.
An example of sharing power with communities and being intentional is hiring at, above, or on a path towards a living wage job. We are revisiting our Founders' Commitment to Community and will share more details closer to the start of the program. You can learn more about living wage jobs by clicking on this link (right click and open in a new tab).
Are you open to leaning into learning and implementing a Founders' Commitment to Community? *

Getting to Know Your Business

What is the legal entity of your business? * 🛈
What industry(s) is your business in? *

Sales/Revenue | Ain’t Nothing More Important Than The Moolah

We have a partnership with Kiva, a crowdinvesting platform. Are you interested in learning more about borrowing $1,000 - $15,000 with 0% interest and no fees? * 🛈

Business Model Canvas (BMC)

1) In a new tab or window, open our customized  Business Model Canvas (right click and open on a new tab).
2) Make a copy of the document (Go to "File", "Make Copy") OR Download as Word Document (Go to"File", "Download", "Microsoft Word (docx)").
3) Name your document with following format: Lastname_businessname_2021BMC | Example: Howard_STLEats_2021BMC
4) Fill out the document
5) Upload your completed BMC as a PDF

Tell us more!

Choose only one of the prompts to answer below. *
Choose only one of the prompts to answer below. *

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