Hazardous Waste Program
2024 Regulations Applicable to Dry Cleaners 
Self-Certification Checklist

The self-certification checklist is designed to help you understand the air quality and hazardous waste regulations as they apply to your facility and to help you stay in compliance from this point forward. After you have submitted the self-certification, any violations noted in follow up inspections will be considered to be more serious because you have certified you are in complinace with the environmental regulations.
Mark YES if you are in compliance.
Mark NO if you are out of compliance. 
Mark N/A if the question does not apply to your facility.
If you have questions about how to fill out this checklist, what the regulations say you need to do or any other questions about your dry cleaning facility, call us at the phone numbers listed below, or refer to your copy of the Colorado Perc Dry Cleaner Environmental Compliance Calendar.
Air Pollution Control Division, Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP)
Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division
Susan Guiet 720-376-2116