Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Industrial Material Recycling Facility Initial Registration and Operations Plan

Instructions: Complete all sections of the form. This form is required for all recycling facilities subject to Section 8 of the regulations pertaining to Solid Waste Sites and Facilities 6 ccr 1007-2, part 1 and Ā§30-20-102(5) c.r.s.

If you have questions regarding this form, please contact Jace Driver at

Facility location and mailing information

Is the mailing address different from above? *

Facility owner/operator information

Is the facility owner different from above? *
Property owner *

24 hour facility contact information

Materials to be imported and recycled

Select the specific types of recyclable materials accepted at the facility. *

Facility description and activities

Methods to prevent unauthorized vehicle and illegal dumping

Methods to safely manage the disposal of unwanted wastes

Initial material accumulation plan

Closure plan

Sign and submit

For the purposes of this form, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment accepts your typed name and date as an electronic signature equivalent to your valid signature on a paper copy of the form. As such, this electronically completed form bears the same rights and responsibilities as a hand-signed form.
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