Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Division
Radiation Control Program
X-Ray Certification
Status of Radiation Machines (R-61)

Owner and Facility Information
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X-Ray Machine Information

Definitions of Status Type
Disabled in Storage (Inactive)
The machine must be disabled by a Colorado-registered service company. Attach a work order (or equivalent) from the service company that states when the machine was disabled. The machine will be designated as "inactive" and will be exempt from certification evaluations required under Part 2, Section 2.5.1 as long as the machine is in storage. You must pay the facility registration fee required in Part 12 of the Regulations. To restore the machine back to "active," a Colorado-registered service company must install the machine and a Colorado-registered qualified inspector must certify the machine's performance.
Transferred, sold or traded in
Provide the name and address of the person or company who took possession of the machine. If a broker is being used to transfer the machine, you must provide contact information for the broker.
The machine must be made physically inoperable by dismantling the electrical circuitry such that the machine is not capable of producing radiation. You must provide information on the method of disposal and the name and address of the recycling company. Note that x-ray machines are considered electronic waste and cannot be disposed of in a landfill.

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You must attach a signed document from a Colorado-registered Service Company stating that the radiation machine has been disabled such that the machine is not capable of producing radiation.

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