AESC Commitment to the Community Award  

The AESC Commitment to the Community Award was created to showcase the activities of an AESC Member (an individual, an office, or even a firm) outside their daily responsibilities and recognizes volunteerism and contributions to the community. 
Nominees should have involvement in a charitable organization, contribution to a philanthropic endeavor, pro-bono search or leadership consulting, or service in a nongovernmental organization (NGO). 
The nomination should include specific example of their community activity and the impact of the effort, as well as testimonials from leaders of those organizations about the impact the individual had on these organizations and the people or communities that they serve. The nomination should also reinforce the quality work that the individual does as a search and leadership consultant as well. 

Nominations for the AESC Commitment to the Community Award are reviewed by the Nominating & Governance Committee of each respective regional council.

Recipients are recognized at AESC Conferences. For further details on the nomination process and submission deadlines, click here.  

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