Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated
Dr. Penny Sparks Nixon, President

Sadie T. M. Alexander Award

The Sadie T. M. Alexander Award is the highest award presented by the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter to a deserving person(s) that has demonstrated outstanding community and public service in the Philadelphia area. May Week, the idea of the first National President, Dr. Sadie T. M. Alexander, is one of Delta Sigma Theta’s most effective and long-lasting programs, which highlights the sorority’s emphasis on education and Black pride. Dr. Alexander laid the groundwork by promoting academic excellence, encouraging social action, fighting for human rights, and maintaining staunch political involvement. We strive to continue her incredible legacy by honoring those who continue to do the work in our community.

 Nomination submission deadline: Saturday, January 6, 2024

Nomination Form

Nominee Information

Description of Community Service for Nominee
Attach a current CV or Bio sketch which should include the following description:  community service, programs implemented, roles, positions, responsibilities, awards, mentorships, etc.

Reason for Nomination:

**Nominated by:
** Sorors must be financial with the Philadelphia Alumnae Chapter to submit nominations for the Sadie T. M. Alexander Award.
Submission deadline: January 6, 2024
Please note:  This form will go into the official records the Recording Secretary, who is required to keep of all committee reports.
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