To keep you safe, and to keep those safe on track around you, all Advanced Solo drivers will be asked to take the LRDC Track Day Policy Test.  If you have already registered for your track day, great!  If you would like to register for a track day contact the Club Administror at (860) 671-1458.
Track Day Policies can be found on the LRDC Website under "Get On Track"
What is the Maximum Speed on Pit Lane: *
Starting in 2021 Members and Guests will need a helmet with an SA or newer designation of? *
When and where are you not allowed to over take? Hint! there are three correct answers, please check all three. *
When car signals (car blinkers) are used for point-by's the driver being overtaken will signal where they intend to be on track, exactly the same as on the street. *


You are being closely followed or are about to be passed by a faster car *
Caution. Slow down. No passing. *
The course is clear, and the session is underway. *
There is one more lap to go in the session. *
There is oil and other debris on the track surface. *
Report to the Chief Steward at the end of Pit Lane *
Emergency or slow moving vehicle ahead *
Extreme Danger, the session has been stopped. Check mirrors and come to an immediate controlled stop on the side of the track off-line, preferably in view of a flagging station. *
Something is wrong with your car, report to pit lane. *
Danger. Be prepared to stop. No passing. *
All cars report to their respective pit lane location. *
Warning, you are driving in an improper manner and wiill be Black Flagged if you contine *
The race or session is over, complete this lap and enter pit lane *
The entire track is full course yellow. *
Everyone should slow down and proceed with caution to the track exit and enter the hot pits. No passing. HINT! There are two correct answers. *