**Please note that hall prices will change starting APRIL 2023. All hall rentals scheduled for April 2023 and after will be subject to those price changes. This includes all reservation requests received before April 2023.
We appreciate your understanding. Thank you!
Base Rental Fee Per Location: *
Included with Base Rental Fee:
Your base rental fee shall include: a 4-hr rental period, a 2-hr pre-rental period for setup by you/your vendors (decoration, cameras, music, catering, sound systems, etc.), ISM tables and chairs, basic customary setup of the facility, 1-2 custodians during the event (based on number of attendees), and basic customary cleanup of the facility. Clean-up beyond customary clean-up will be billed at $50/hour. 
ISM does not provide: decoration, catering, video/camera, waiters/waiteresses, childcare, and kitchen equipment usage.
Additional Requests:
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The base rental fee is quoted for a total of 6 hours. (2 hour setup, 4 hour event). If the total event time (setup+cleanup) goes over 6 hours, an extra $100 will be added on per each additional hour. This will be determined and billed following the event.   *
Once a reservation is approved by ISM, you will be required to put a down payment of 50% at the time of the reservation approval. The remaining balance will be due at least 48 hours before the event. 
After the event, ISM will determine if any other payments are to be billed, such as extra facility fees, costs of damage, or extra cleanup fees. These items will be billed to you after the event. 
ISM requires security to be present at all events. You must provide your own licensed security service. I hereby agree to abide by all the terms and conditions of this reservation and all rules of the Islamic Society of Milwaukee. I also agree to assume full responsibility for all damages and losses to the building and its contents. *
The Islamic Society of Milwaukee has the right to deny a facility rental request if it goes against the mission and values of the organization.