2022 Haul Out Request Form for Lake Draw Down

IMPORTANT: Please read & complete all sections of this form carefully, this is your work order. If you plan to drop your boat off at LLM & AND DON'T REQUIRE A HAUL OUT, PLEASE RETURN TO OUR WEBSITE AND COMPLETE THE SHOP REQUEST FORM.

The Town of Lake Lure will begin drawing the lake down on January 1st, 2023 to support several infrastrcuture projects. 
Lake Lure Marine highly recommends having your boat hauled prior to freezing weather which historically occurs around November 1st. Please complete the haul out request as soon as possible so we can plan ahead. 
ALL vessels in Sunset Cove, even those in boathouses will be required to be hauled out for the sewer system boring sleeves to be installed.  If you own a V hull boat or Ski boat and don't have your own trailer, PLEASE plan ahead and locate a trailer to fit your boat.  LLM can accomodate most any pontoon with our hydraulic trailers.  We have a VERY limited number of V hull and ski boat trailers. 
Do you own a trailer currently stored at Lake Lure Marine? *
If you have a trailer NOT stored at LLM and plan to use it, please indicate if you can drop it off.



AVAILABLE SERVICES: All Prices are approximate, don't include tax, and subject to change. A Pricing breakdown will be provided on the next page before confirming your request.

Annual Engine Service - includes marine oil, oil filter, and gearlube.
4 Stroke Outboard Bi Annual Engine Service - Includes marine oil, oil filter, fuel filter(s), spark plugs, gearlube, and water pump impeller. Additional parts may be needed.
Diagnose Failure or Problem - all boat systems
Interior Wash - this is a basic wash done with a pressure washer. Compartments and storage areas not included.
Boat/Trailer Storage; pricing per month *
Please sign your work order request. Once submitted we will receive an email with your request & add it to the schedule. TERMS: I hereby authorize the above work to be completed along with needed parts/materials. Lake Lure Marine (LLM) & Employees may operate boat/engine for purposes of testing, inspection, and/or pickup or delivery at my risk. LLM will not be held liable or responsible for loss or damage to boat/engine, contents etc due to fire, theft, accident or any other cause beyond our control. Invoices must be paid in full. Late fees will be incurred for all overdue invoices, charged to the card on file and include a 3.5% processing fee based on the invoice total. Owners must keep insurance on all boats/trailers in storage. Please remove all personal items, including but not limited to floats, towing gear, fishing gear etc.  Please be sure your bimini top is secured or put in it's "boot" ready to be towed.   *
Please check the box below to submit request, approximate pricing to be provided on the next page before finalizing your request.   *