Lake Lure Marine Storage Agreement


Please enter your credit card number in the secured box below. Invoices not paid in a timely manner will be charged with the card on file. All credit card charges will have a 3.5% processing fee added. All invoices must be paid before boat/trailer/camper is returned or picked up.
This contract is between Lake Lure Marine (LLM) and the “customer” for storage.
RATES:  Storage on customer trailer $45/month
            Storage on blocks, hauled with LLM Trailer $55/month

1. The storage provided by this agreement shall be for use of SPACE ONLY and at the sole risk of the owner. Owner hereby releases Lake Lure Marine of all liability for theft or damage of any kind to the boat/trailer/camper, the contents, gear, or equipment and any other property of owner whatsoever, whether or not such loss or damage shall have been caused by the fault or negligence of LLM or any of LLM's employees, agents, licensees or invitees.
2. LLM shall not be responsible for injuries to persons or property occurring on any part of the premises or for any reason whether herein specifically stated or not.  Customers are not allowed on property when the shop is closed. 
3. Boat/Trailer/Camper owner agrees to all terms and regulations as set forth in this agreement. Failure by owner to comply with the terms and regulations as stated, will entitle LLM to terminate and cancel this agreement with no refund.
4. Owner will provide insurance for loss or damage to the boat/trailer/camper and holds LLM harmless from subrogation claims of his/her insurance company.
5. LLM reserves the right to move the boat to any storage space as deemed necessary.
6. This agreement shall be valid from time boat/trailer/camper is left in LLM's possession and such time that boat/trailer/camper is removed from storage and off LLM property. Either party may terminate this agreement by giving other party ten (10) days written notice. Upon termination of the storage agreement, owner shall promptly remove the boat/trailer/camper from the premises.
7. A 2 day notice is required for removal of boat/trailer/camper from storage facility if requested pick up is after hours or on weekends. 
8. In the event owner shall change owner’s place of residence as set forth in the storage agreement, owner shall give LLM written notice of any change within ten (10) days of the change, specifying owner’s current residence and telephone number.
9. Owner’s boat/trailer/camper will be subject to a claim of a lien in favor of LLM if rent or other charges due are delinquent 30 days after the due date. Owner expressly consents to LLM taking full control of the item stored on the premises if owner defaults in anyway under this agreement.
10. All deposits and storage fees are nonrefundable. Contract rates are subject to seasonal changes and yearly
11. LLM does not allow customers to work on any storage items on premise.  Boat/trailer/camper sales are not allowed.  We offer consignment sales if you wish to sell an item off the property.  
The signer agrees to all conditions of this contract and authorizes Lake Lure Marine to perform services.  Your digital signature will be used to commence this agreement. 
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