In 2019, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) will be selecting 1,000 elementary school educators of grades K-3 to be granted 10 limited edition copies of "If I Built A Car" books for their classroom. The primary objective for in-class integration is to have the educator create and deliver an interactive experience and exercise designed around the book that supports their learning objectives.

The mission and spirit of the program is "to inspire youth to participate in the automotive customization lifestyle by promoting or creating hands-on and virtual experiences." Our hope is that getting young people more excited about the automotive hobby will encourage them to think about how they might customize or personalize their vehicle in the future.

There will be two phases to this program. Phase 1 participants will complete this program by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Phase 2 participants will complete this program by Winter Break of the 2019-2020 school year.

Participation Guidelines:


Educators will establish a baseline of automotive customization knowledge amongst the students.

  • How many think cars are cool?
  • How many know you can do things to vehicles so they are just the way you like them?


Educators will read the book to/with their class and implement an automotive based activity that compliments the book.

  • Creative writing assignment
  • Art project
  • Automotive focused STEM/STEAM activity
  • Etc.

Share with SEMA

SEMA would love to see your students’ creative works. Share them with SEMA for the chance to win a prize for your classroom.

Measuring Impact

After reading the book and going through the activity, educators will ask the same “baseline” questions and share the results with SEMA. Educators will be asked to complete a brief survey summarizing the following:

  • Interest in cars before vs. after the activity
  • Effectiveness of "If I Built A Car" in getting students to think about cars
  • Age appropriateness of the book
  • Summary of activity implemented as a result of participating in this program


For any questions related to the program, please do not hesitate to contact Katie Hurst at or (909) 978-6693.

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