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Membership Dues:  $35.00 per Family
100% of PTSO raised funds are given back to the students through program such as:  Freshman/New Student Welcome Reception, Senior Scholarships, College Prep Programs, Project Graduation, Homecoming Parade, Student clubs, Mentoring (Sigma Tau Sigma).

PTSO is already celebrating the 50th!  We spent over $10K to honor BRHS with a 50-year publication, Bricks for our Principals, and Rolling Desks. 

For all BRHS families, we made special 50 year car stickers – come to get yours today at a PTSO event or the front office! 

Please help the PTSO continue to give back by joining PTSO this year making a special 50-year No Frills donation


Why should I become a member?

Let’s face it, the beginning of school brings about a mountain of paperwork, forms, need to spend money here, need to spend money there…it can be overwhelming. So you may be looking at this form and wondering, why should I join? Well, here is why:

The membership fee for BRHS PTSO is only $35 per family, but what we give back to community is much more. Last year only 13% of families joined the PTSO, but through fundraising efforts, we were able to spend, on average, $17 per student educational support and enrichment programs.

There funds pay for programs/efforts such as the following:

  • Programs to enrich the education and school life of the students of BRHS, including the FreFreshman/New Student Welcome Reception, Parent/Student College Preparatory Programs, Student Mentor Program (Sigma Tau Sigma), Project Graduation Support.
  • Teacher requests – Some items or events that are not in the yearly school budget and would not be possible without the help of the BRHS PTSO. Some examples: 50th Anniversary Purchases , White Board ,DECA / International Career Development, Rolling teacher/student desks, Science Olympiad, Scholastic Art,  Microwaves for students, Rise Against Hunger, Conference and Competitions.  
  • Scholarships - Each spring the BRHS PTSO awards up to ten $500 college scholarships to the most deserving BRHS graduating seniors regardless of gender or educational path.
  • Project Graduation - The BRHS PTSO contributes to the Project Graduation All-Night Party that is a yearly event held after graduation night at a local venue. It is a nationwide effort to provide graduating seniors with a fun, safe place to celebrate their last night together as high school students.
  • Hospitality - The BRHS PTSO supplements the Hospitality committee needs when parent donations are not sufficient to provide for food and drinks at many school events including: B
  • Welcome Back to School Staff Breakfast , Teacher Work Day Breakfast, National Honor Society Induction, Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon, Senior Picnic, Project Graduation.
To become a member of the BRHS PTSO, please complete the form below.


PTSO Board and Committees: Check the YES box for areas you are interested in helping out with. You may check multiple boxes.
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Ad hoc / As Needed
Annual Auction: The PTSO holds it's Annual Auction in the spring. If you would like to be part of the Auction Committee, please check the YES box for the area you are interested in helping with.
Help from Home
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BRHS Family Memberships are $35.00 per family and BRHS Faculty/Staff Memberships are $10 per family.
If you are a BRHS Family, please select the "BRHS Family Membership." If you are a BRHS staff or faculty member, please select the "BRHS Faculty/Staff Membership." *
NO FRILLS FUNDRAISER: We realize that sometimes it's easier to donate money in lieu of your time...with hectic lives, teenagers and their busy schedules; it's tough to do it all.  

Consider to make this 50th year the best ever by making a donation to our No Frills Fundraiser to help fund BRHS PTSO programs.

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The Broad Run High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization is a 501(3)(c) organization.