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Membership Dues:  $35.00 per Family
100% of PTSO raised funds are given back to the students through program such as:  Freshman/New Student Welcome Reception, Senior Scholarships, College Prep Programs, Project Graduation, Homecoming Parade, Student clubs, Mentoring (Sigma Tau Sigma).

Why should I become a member?

Let’s face it, the beginning of school brings about a mountain of paperwork, forms, need to spend money here, need to spend money there…it can be overwhelming. So you may be looking at this form and wondering, why should I join? Well, here is why:

The membership fee for BRHS PTSO is only $35 per family, but what we give back to the community is much more. Last year only 16% of families joined the PTSO, lower than in past years, but among other things, we have provided $500 scholarships to up to 12 seniors, as educational support and enrichment.

There funds pay for programs/efforts such as the following:

  • Programs to enrich the education and school life of the students of BRHS, including the FreFreshman/New Student Welcome Reception, Parent/Student College Preparatory Programs, Student Mentor Program (Sigma Tau Sigma), Project Graduation Support.
  • Teacher requests – Some items or events that are not in the yearly school budget and would not be possible without the help of the BRHS PTSO. Some examples: 50th Anniversary Purchases , White Board ,DECA / International Career Development, Rolling teacher/student desks, Science Olympiad, Scholastic Art,  Microwaves for students, Rise Against Hunger, Conference and Competitions.  
  • Scholarships - Each spring the BRHS PTSO awards up to ten $500 college scholarships to the most deserving BRHS graduating seniors regardless of gender or educational path.
  • Project Graduation - The BRHS PTSO contributes to the Project Graduation All-Night Party that is a yearly event held after graduation night at a local venue. It is a nationwide effort to provide graduating seniors with a fun, safe place to celebrate their last night together as high school students.
  • Hospitality - The BRHS PTSO supplements the Hospitality committee needs when parent donations are not sufficient to provide for food and drinks at many school events including: B
  • Welcome Back to School Staff Breakfast , Teacher Work Day Breakfast, National Honor Society Induction, Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon, Senior Picnic, Project Graduation.
To become a member of the BRHS PTSO, please complete the form below.


PTSO Committees: Check the YES box for areas you are interested in helping out with. You may check multiple boxes.
Project Graduation 2021-22 Co-Chair - The volunteer for this role should be a parent of a class of 2024 or class of 2025 student. He/she must be able to attend the monthly meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month to shadow the current chair. This position will also require that he/she attend the all night grad party from 11pm-4am in order to know what the event is about. The co-chair will be the one that will take over the chair role in September 2022. The chair position cannot have a graduating senior the year of the event. If you would like to know more information, please contact the current chair Marita Reidy at
Hospitality - Baking / Setup and Serve
Minority Achievement Rep
Scholarship Application Review
Ad hoc / As Needed


BRHS Family Memberships are $35.00 per family and BRHS Faculty/Staff Memberships are $10 per family.
If you are a BRHS Family, please select the "BRHS Family Membership." If you are a BRHS staff or faculty member, please select the "BRHS Faculty/Staff Membership." *
NO FRILLS FUNDRAISER: We realize that sometimes it's easier to donate money in lieu of your time...with hectic lives, teenagers and their busy schedules; it's tough to do it all.  
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Questions?  Contact:  Rama Pavuloori at
The Broad Run High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization is a 501(3)(c) organization.