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Membership Dues:  $35.00 per Family
100% of PTSO raised funds are given back to the students through program such as:  Freshman/New Student Welcome Reception, Senior Scholarships, College Prep Programs, Project Graduation, Homecoming Parade and Student clubs.

Why should I become a member?

Let’s face it, the beginning of school brings about a mountain of paperwork, forms, need to spend money here, need to spend money there…it can be overwhelming. So you may be looking at this form and wondering, why should I join? Well, here is why:

The membership fee for BRHS PTSO is only $35 per family, but what we give back to the community is much more. Last year only 16% of families joined the PTSO, lower than in past years, but among other things, we have provided $500 scholarships to up to 12 seniors, as educational support and enrichment.

There funds pay for programs/efforts such as the following:

  • Programs to enrich the education and school life of the students of BRHS, including the Freshman/New Student Welcome Reception, Parent/Student College Preparatory Programs and Project Graduation Support.
  • Teacher requests – Some items or events that are not in the yearly school budget and would not be possible without the help of the BRHS PTSO. Some examples: White Board ,DECA / International Career Development, Rolling teacher/student desks, Science Olympiad, Scholastic Art,  Microwaves for students, Rise Against Hunger, Conference and Competitions.  
  • Scholarships - Each spring the BRHS PTSO awards up to ten $500 college scholarships to the most deserving BRHS graduating seniors regardless of gender or educational path.
  • Project Graduation - The BRHS PTSO contributes to the Project Graduation All-Night Party that is a yearly event held after graduation night at the BRHS Auditoriums. It is a nationwide effort to provide graduating seniors with a fun, safe place to celebrate their last night together as high school students.
  • Hospitality - The BRHS PTSO supplements the Hospitality committee needs when parent donations are not sufficient to provide for food and drinks at many school events such as: Welcome Back to School Staff Breakfast , Teacher Work Day Breakfast, National Honor Society Induction, Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon and Project Graduation.
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PTSO Committees: Check the YES box for areas you are interested in helping out with. You may check multiple boxes.
THIS POSITION IS FILLED - Project-Grad Co-Chair: He/she must be able to attend the monthly meetings on the 1st Thursday of every month. This position will also require that he/she attend the all night grad party from 11pm-4am for Class of 2024 in order to know what the event is about.
THIS POSITION IS FILLED. Thank you! Teacher Requests Chair- Compile requests received from teachers and present to the board for approval. Correspond with teachers thru email on status of their request. Meet with PTSO treasurer once a month to approve checks and disburse to teachers. Majority of the requests come during the first quarter of school, and then it tapers down the rest of the year.
THIS POSITION IS FILLED: MSAAC Chair: The Minority Student Achievement Advisory Committee (MSAAC) representative attends monthly meetings held at the LCPS Administration Building and reports back to the PTSO key points of discussion from the meetings
THIS POSITION IS FILLED: Special Education Advisory Committee Representative: Attend monthly SEAC meetings held at the LCPS Administration Building and reports back to the PTSO key points of discussion from the meetings.
THIS POSITION IS FILLED: Thank you! The Scholarship Chair is responsible for coordinating the PTSO scholarship application process from January - May 2024. He/she will work with the scholarship application review volunteers in mid-April 2024 in selecting the up to 10 recipients. The process and procedure for this role is in place and this chair position will be taught the process. He/she cannot have a class of 2024 student. This chair position is required to attend the PTSO meetings. especially the months of Jan.- May 2024.
VACANT: SCHOLARSHIP REVIEW COMMITTEE NEEDED FOR CLASS OF 2024: The scholarship chair will need at least 5-7 parents to review the senior scholarship applications. This task is usually done in mid- April when all of the scholarship applications have been turned in. The parent volunteers to review the applications cannot have a student from class of 2024
THIS POSITION IS FILLED. Thank you! -SAT/ACT Bootcamp & Sat Practice Test Chair: The chair will be a parent of a 9th or 10th grade student. Tasks: Communications with the 3 vendors, respond to parents questions, Facility reservation, Coordinate with the 3 vendors in scheduling practice test dates for fall, winter and spring. Most of the tasks for this role are done from home via emails. The SAT Chair will be expected to attend the PTSO monthly meetings.
THIS POSITION IS FILLED: 2nd Vice President: Member of PTSO executive board. The Second Vice President shall act as an aide to the President. In the absence of the President and the First Vice President, the Second Vice President shall perform the duties and exercise the powers of the President, and shall perform such other duties as the Board or President may designate. This position is expected to attend the monthly board and general PTSO meetings.


BRHS Family Memberships are $35.00 per family and BRHS Faculty/Staff Memberships are $10 per family.
If you are a BRHS Family, please select the "BRHS Family Membership." If you are a BRHS staff or faculty member, please select the "BRHS Faculty/Staff Membership." *
NO FRILLS FUNDRAISER: We realize that sometimes it's easier to donate money in lieu of your time...with hectic lives, teenagers and their busy schedules; it's tough to do it all.  
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The Broad Run High School Parent-Teacher-Student Organization is a 501(3)(c) organization.