Project Graduation Parent Volunteer Form



Without more volunteers to help plan this event, this may be the last year for the Project Graduation - All Night Grad event!!! 

The Project Graduation committee lost several key committee members due to their last student graduating in June and several more key committee members will be leaving after this year. In order for Project Graduation to continue this year for the class of 2018, we need parents to volunteer to help fill these PG committee positions this year.  Below is a list of the positions that we need volunteers for.  Meetings are once a month and last for approximately 60 - 90 minutes.  Some positions will require additional time outside of the meetings and attending the event itself.  This event cannot run without volunteers and it is a great event we would like to see continue for future senior classes.

We also are looking for volunteers to help out during the day and evening of Project Graduation 2018 (Friday, June 15, 2018 - Saturday, June 16, 2018).  It takes over 50 volunteers to supervise this event.  

Join us by volunteering below to help make this year's Project Graduation a huge success!  

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Thank you for your support and time!!!

The Project Graduation committee is looking for parents who are interested in helping plan this year's event. The committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month, September - June. "How To" documents for each of the positions are available so we just need people to be the coordinator for each area. If you are interested in being the Coordinator/Lead for any of the areas listed, please sign up below. 

Co-Chairs: We need 2 parents to lead the monthly meetings and attend the event on June 15th (11:30pm) to June 16th (5:00am). The co-chairs are responsible for making sure that everything is flowing smoothly.

Community Outreach Lead - This person is responsible for sending letters out to local businesses for donations and sponsorships. Project Graduation depends on the generosity of the local community.

Marketing Lead - This person will work with the BRHS Advance Marketing teachers to help market the event. They will also work with the student liaison.

Clean-Up Coordinator - This person will be responsible for coming in at 4am on June 16th and will be responsible for making sure that the Sports Pavilion is cleaned up and ready to be opened. There will be many volunteers helping to cleanup but we need someone to coordinate the cleanup.

Setup Coordinator- This person will be responsible for overseeing the setup and decorating on the day/evening of the event starting at 4pm on June 15th.

Cafe Setup & Coordinator - This person will work with the existing Food Lead to coordinate all of the food for the event. You will also need to attend the event on June 15th starting at 8pm through June 16th at 5:00am.
Please select what areas/times you are available to help with.

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If you have a preference on the area you would be like to be assigned to, please select it below.  We will try our best to accomodate all preferences:

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