Broad Run High School

Parent-Teacher-Student Organization
Teacher/Staff Request For Funds
 2023-2024 School Year
When requesting money from the BRHS PTSO, this form must be submitted online by the FIRST Friday of the month in which you wish to make your request.
One of the roles of the BRHS PTSO is to raise and distribute funds for the enhancement of the BRHS student learning environment.  Funds may be requested by BRHS Faculty, Staff and clubs.  All funds must be used by June 1, 2024. The BRHS PTSO sets aside a specific amount of money each school year in the budget for teacher/staff requests.  Once our budgeted funds for this year have been spent, no additional requests may be honored.
The PTSO provides the following recommended guidelines and intends to approve requests that fall within these parameters.  Exceptions may be considered, subject to membership vote as needed.  
Clubs / Extracurricular activities:  $200 per request/item
Instructional/Classroom use:       $500 per request/item 
Administration request:               $1000 per request/item
Maximum for Executive Board approval: $2000 per request/item.  Membership can approve amounts above $2000 when presented at a monthly PTSO meeting.


Is this request for the 2023-24 School Year? *
Applications for Funding will be reviewed by the BRHS PTSO at the regular scheduled meetings which are held on the second Monday of each month.  Please note that purchase of items prior to approval does not guarantee reimbursement.  All items purchased shall become the property of Broad Run High School. 

Once you receive approval by email, when you submit your receipt for reimbursement, please also submit the approval email.
For questions, please contact the PTSO at