City of Hawaiian Gardens Anniversary Carnival Talent Show Registration

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Note: dance or vocal track audio must be submitted with the application for review by the committee

Talent Show Rules and Regulations

  • All participants must complete the waiver and indemnity agreement form.
  • Complete registration forms must be submitted to the C. Robert Lee Activity Center by Friday, April 10 2020, 5pm.
  • Entries will be accepted in the following categories: lip sync or general (vocal, dance, instrumental, band, magic and other).
  • The performance may not exceed 5 minutes in length, with one minute allowed for set-up, if any. Contestants exceeding the time limit could be penalized or disqualified.
  • Dance or vocal (lip sync, karaoke) audio performances must be submitted for committee approval by Friday, April 10, 2020.
  • All participants must attend a pre-audition round. The pre-audition will be held Friday, April 10, 2020 at 6pm at the C. Robert Lee Activity Center. Failure to attendance will result in automatic disqualification.
  • The Talent Show Committee shall have sole authority in scheduling performances and control over stage sets, sound, lights, power and overall master volume.
  • The sound system will be provided by the City of Hawaiian Gardens and will be scaled to the reasonable requirements of the contestants. The Talent Show Stage Manager will have absolute control over the sound system.
  • No modification to the stage acts, equipment or sound is to be made by any attraction without the approval of the Talent Show Stage Manager or Coordinator.
  • The Talent Show Committee assumes no responsibility for any expense, meals or transportation.
  • All entries will be provided one VIP parking permit. If more than one participant per application a max of three VIP parking permits will be provided.
  • Dressing rooms will be available. The City of Hawaiian Gardens will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles or valuables.
  • The City of Hawaiian Gardens Talent Show “Hawaiian Gardens Got Talent” may be videotaped. It will also be photographed by an official City of Hawaiian Gardens photographer.
  • All decisions are final and scores will not be released to contestants or the public.
  • Awards will be distributed in the following categories: most original, most entertaining and most creative.
I/We wish to enter the Hawaiian Gardens Talent Show “Hawaiian Gardens Got Talent” and agree to abide by the rules. I certify that all information provided above is true and accurate. Signature (parent or guardian must sign for minor) *