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Community Garden Alliance Garden Registration

Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s Community Garden Alliance focuses on promoting sustainable gardening practices to support healthy people, plants, and wildlife. The Alliance facilitates skill sharing between gardens through workshops and seasonal gatherings and offers an avenue for communication and learning, where personal connections are forged and technical horticultural skills may be learned. There is no cost to participate.

The Alliance benefits from the knowledge, resources, and beauty of Brooklyn Botanic Garden while bringing the creative energy of grassroots greening projects back to the institution. Most important, the Alliance celebrates the wisdom, expertise, and experience of community gardeners.

Community Garden Alliance members

  • Belong to an active network of Brooklyn community gardens
  • Attend and help lead workshops on sustainable gardening and community development practices
  • Enjoy seasonal events at Brooklyn Botanic Garden
  • May schedule a site visit with Brooklyn Botanic Garden staff
  • Can ask for technical assistance with garden projects
  • Are invited to plant giveaways
  • Receive Community Greening newsletter
  • Show their affiliation with an attractive metal sign

To join or renew membership in the Alliance, or to update your garden's information, complete and submit the forms below:

  1. Garden Registration
  2. Best Practices Survey

The process should take about 20 minutes. We recommend that you create a login for each form so you can save and return to it to make edits or to renew next year.

All items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

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