Children’s Garden Scholarship Application

Please complete this form to apply for a Children’s Garden scholarship for the 2024 program seasons. The Registration office will begin reviewing fall season applications on Monday, June 3, 2024. Be sure to review the scholarship protocols below.
  • A limited number of need-based scholarships are available for Children’s Garden participants, distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Scholarship recipients will receive a voucher code to use for online registration. Spots will no longer be held in advance. Participants who are granted a voucher code must register online when registration opens. Remember, spots fill quickly.
  • If you are unable to secure a spot in one season, you may reapply for a different season. 
  • Those who receive a full scholarship are required to pay a $50 commitment fee
  • Scholarships are granted for one program season (spring, summer, fall) and may not be available for more than one season per participant, depending on the number of scholarship applicants. 
  • Consistent attendance is required for scholarship recipients; lack of attendance may affect eligibility for future seasons. 

Items marked with a red asterisk* are required.

What 2024 season(s) are you applying for? *

Do you own or rent your home? *
If you are contacted about a scholarship, the Registration office requires the following documentation before we can issue a voucher. Please indicate which forms you can supply upon request. Please do not supply forms until you are contacted by the Registration office.  

All scholarship applicants must provide the most recent federal income tax return on which the child is listed. If you do not file a federal income tax return, we will accept two of the following documents: Social Security Letter, Disability Letter, Public Assistance Budget Letter, Child Support Court Award Letter, or Unemployment Letter. 

Applications submitted without this documentation cannot be considered. Please note that W-2 forms and pay stubs are not acceptable as proof of income. 

Income Documentation *
Please indicate which 2 of the following documents you will provide: *

I declare that the information reported on this form is true, correct, and complete. Brooklyn Botanic Garden has permission to verify the information reported. I understand that all the above information will be kept confidential. *
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