TPMS PTA and Difference Makers Fresh Fruit Sale

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This is a fundraiser sponsored by the Takoma Park Middle School Difference Makers and PTA.
Why sould you buy?
1.  For every case a student sells he/she gets $3.00 whcih can be applied to any school event during this current school year.
2.  The money will go to support Difference Makers, a school club that provides student with opportunities to serve the community and learn about leadership.
3.  You can donate a case to our food distribution program.  We will give these donations to families that come to us in need of food.
4.  You provide a healthy choice for families
One case will benefit, a student, a family, the Difference Makers, and Takoma Park Middle School.  A purchase is a win, win, win, win for all those involved.
Questions?: Call Bryan Goehring at 301-233-1698
Delivery/Pickup Date is approximately November 16, 2017
Takoma Park Middle School
7611 Piney Branch Road 
Silver Spring,  MD 20910

Fresh Fruit Item List

Navel and Juice Oranges                          
Tangelos and Tangerines
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Red Grapefruit             
Red Apples, Pears, and Sweet Potatoes
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Variety Packs
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Sweet Potatoes
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