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Terms and conditions of acceptance of offer

Holding Deposit: In consideration of the Landlord agreeing to process the application and stop advertising the property for the Prospective Tenant, the Relevant Person (tenant / lead tenant) will need to agree to pay a Holding Deposit of one weeks' rent.
This Holding Deposit relates to an agreement to set up a tenancy of the above property address from a future date. That agreement is subject to:

A. Satisfactory references/credit status being established.
B. The property still being available for the Landlord to let, for example not damaged by fire or flood etc
C. Any current occupants moving out before the anticipated commencement date.
D. All relevant occupiers passing Right to Rent checks under the Immigration Act 2014.


Should the Prospective Tenant:

  1. Withdraw before entering into the tenancy agreement,
  2. Provide false information for referencing,
  3. Fail to act reasonably to enter into the tenancy before the deadline for agreement,
  4. Fail Right to Rent checks, they will be liable for the reasonable costs incurred by the Landlord and his Agent up to the value of the Holding Deposit.

The following costs will be deducted from the Holding Deposit. Any surplus of the Holding Deposit will be returned to the Relevant Person, without interest, as soon as possible. The costs that may be deducted from the Holding Deposit can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Costs of any references or credit checks sought
  2. Costs of any administration undertaken to prepare for the tenancy
  3. Costs of re-advertising the property to let
  4. Costs of any guarantor agreements
  5. Costs, in lieu of rent, of keeping the property empty for the tenant

Withdrawal by the landlord:

Should the Landlord withdraw from the agreement, including the events listed in A to C above, the Relevant Person will be entitled to return of the entire Holding Deposit.

References/Identification: We will take up references based on the details that you have provided to us or our appointed a referencing company. These references may be passed onto our clients so that they can make a decision on granting a tenancy. Before the tenancy can proceed we will need to confirm you have the right to rent in the UK. We are required to take copies of your Passport, driving license, proof of address. In some instances, we may require a copy of your payslips and 3 month bank statements. *
Completion Monies: The prospective tenants will pay the first month’s rent in advance as well as a five week deposit. At the end of the tenancy the deposit will be returned without interest and less any deductions. We will require the rent and deposit in cleared funds by bank transfer prior to the start of the tenancy. If you transfer the monies it will need to be transferred no less than 5 working days prior to the start of the tenancy. I can confirm that I have read and understood the terms and conditions detailed above. I accept that by ticking the box below I am bound by its entire contents. *
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