5 Minute Financial Health Check

Please choose your Chan & Naylor branch


Please answer each question below on a scale of 1 to 5 as follows:

1.  Not at all confident and need urgent help in the next 1 to 3 months

2.  Not confident and need reviewing in the next 6 months

3.  Quite confident but may need reviewing in the next 12 months

4.  Very confident and no attention is required at this present moment

5.  Not applicable

1. My Income Plan
1-1) My income is well structured and tax efficient
1-2) My current income meets my living costs
1-3) My children's education costs are covered
1-4) My surplus income is being invested efficiently for wealth creation
1-5) My income and employment are secure

2. My Investment Plan
2-1) I have an appropriate 5 year wealth plan
2-2) I have a tax efficient investment structure
2-3) I understand the risk/reward trade-off between my investment strategy and other options
2-4) My investments are achieving my goals
2-5) I can sleep at night with the investments I have in place

3. My Debt Plan
3-1) My debt is structured in the best possible way
3-2) I have the right mix of personal and investment debt
3-3) I have a strategy to eliminate my personal debt in the shortest possible time
3-4) My overall debt levels are appropriate for my current life status
3-5) My debt plan is regularly reviewed

4. My Risk Plan
4-1) My insurances cover me comprehensively for most foreseeable circumstances
4-2) I am paying the most competitive premiums
4-3) I have the appropriate levels of cover in place
4-4) My family would continue to live comfortably if something happened to me
4-5) My insurance policies are regularly reviewed

5. My Retirement Plan
5-1) I have a clear understanding of my retirement goals
5-2) I have a clear understanding of my desired retirement income needs
5-3) I am on track to achieve my required income in retirement
5-4) My retirement funds will last throughout my retirement
5-5) My retirement funding strategy is structured tax efficiently

6. My Estate Plan
6-1) My Will is right up to date and reflects my current wishes
6-2) My assets will be transferred to all the right people, at the right time tax efficiently
6-3) I have someone that is able to make financial decisions on my behalf if I am unable to do so
6-4) My surviving family or executor would easily find all relevant documentation
6-5) My family is aware of my medical and lifestyle wishes
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