Our Lady of Consolation Parish Religious Education Program (P.R.E.P.) Registration Form

Our Lady of Consolation Parish
7056 Tulip Street
Philadelphia, PA 19135

Please complete this form entirely. Please fill out one form per child. For first time registrants, please provide a copy of the child's Baptismal Certificate.

Student information

Sacraments Received? Please indicate Date received and Parish (If sacrament has not yet been received, please leave field blank)
 Date ReceivedParish
First Penance
First Communion

Family Information

Media Release

I give permission for my child's picture to appear on the parish website, bulletin boards, newspaper articles and all social media in relation to events that happen in this parish. *
Signature/Date/Relationship to child: * 

Medical/Learning Data: If any of the following apply to your child, please give details in the appropriate space.

 Please list
Medical Conditions/Allergies
Prescribed Medications
Disability/Learning Support Services

Emergency Contact Information: If we are unable to reach you, whom should we contact?

Consent for Medical Care: I give permission that, in my absence, my child may receive emergency medical care for injuries and all situations that could occur while participating in the Religious Education Program and activities at Our Lady of Consolation Parish. * 
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