Seeking Forces of Nature

The Chicago Wilderness Force of Nature Awards celebrate people and organizations whose conservation, restoration, advocacy, and/or educational activities are inspirational examples for others. The Force of Nature Awards complement the Chicago Wilderness Excellence in Ecological Restoration Awards, which focus on high quality restoration of natural areas (100 acres or larger).
Force of Nature Awards identify and recognize:
1. Outstanding site-specific natural land or water enhancement work.
2. People, programs and projects that are not site-specific but have made a positive impact on conservation in the region.
The purpose of this award is to recognize work that extends above and beyond the ordinary. Think: novel approaches, big ideas, extraordinary collaborations, bold leadership.
Application Guidelines:
1.  You may nominate yourself (or your organization) or someone else.
2.  Any size organization, project or program is eligible.
3.  For site-specific nominations, the intent of this award is to recognize work on landscapes that extends beyond traditional restoration work. (See the Excellence in Ecological Restoration Awards application for exemplary restoration projects that are 100+ acres.) 
4. Nominations are due by March 31.
This nomination form will ask for: contact information for yourself and the nominee, a description of the nominee, an explanation about why the nominee is a Force of Nature, a list of partners or stakeholders (if applicable), and supporting documentation. It will be helpful to have this information handy before starting the nomination form.
Additional information about former Force of Nature Award recipients can be found at:
If you have questions or feedback about nominations or this form, please contact Laura Reilly at or Cherie LeBlanc Fisher at

Your information

Your information will be kept strictly confidential. We may contact you if more information is needed about the nominee. Other than that, we will not contact you except to notify you about award winners at the end of the review process.