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Being a firefighter is a physically demanding job. You are usually first on the scene of a fire, expected to contain hazardous materials on demand and must always be ready to provide emergency medical treatment.  The only way you can perform these duties – and more – is to be prepared with the stamina and knowledge to do your job and do it well.  FM Global, established in 1835, can share its years of experience in property protection to help you be proactive in your role as a firefighter.  FM Global offers a variety of training and resources for the fire service.

Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings

Automatic sprinklers are an important line of defense when fighting a fire. Yet, even with sprinklers, fire can still burn out of control, causing excessing damage.

The purpose of the Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings program is to provide firefighters with a greater understanding of why these losses occur and how to help prevent them. Understanding how automatic sprinklers work and how to develop a sound prefire plan will improve the effectiveness of firefighters during fires.

The Fighting Fire in Sprinklered Buildings program is currently being rewritten.  To receive updates and be alerted to when it is available please complete the information below.  Information can also be submitted to receive updates on our training and resources available for free to the fire service.

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