Complete all sections of our LLP registration form using corporate or individual member details.
What's Included
LLP Company Registration, All Documents sent Electronically (PDF), Official Printed Incorporation Certificate, Printed Unique Incorporation Document, Optional Printed Member Agreement, Domain Name (.com, .net etc), Web Hosting 1 year, Business Bank Account for LLP Partnership, Merchant Account Introduction, 084 Business Number.
                    What information is required to complete registration:
                      1). Contact details of person Completing this form
                      2). Registered Office
                      3). Personal Details of Partners if Individuals (Name, address, DOB etc)
                      4). Corporate Details of Partners if Corporate Entities (Name, Reg Office, Reg No. etc)
                      5). Electronic Signature
                                 First 3 letters of the following:
                                 Town of Birth
                                 Mothers Maiden Name
                                 Eye Colour

New Regulations Regarding Business Activities

You now need to advise Companies House the business activities of your Company, this is done by advising a SIC code and description of business

Please advise the following required SIC Code:

What is a SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)?

This is a code specific to a particular industry type and filed at Companies House, which allows anyone researching your Company to see the exact nature of business you are undertaking.

You can select your SIC code from the following list: (opens in a new window)

(If the Link fails please use the manuel search on the Condensed List)

  1. From the 1st drop down menu select “Select a Section (Division Number)” listed under A to Q
  2. From 2nd drop down menu Select a Division
  3. From the 3rd drop down menu select “Select a Group”

Following above will help you arrive at a 4 or 5 digit number and a description, please advise details of both items.