GLEON 2022 Registration and Abstract Submission Form

GLEON 2022 All Hands' Meeting
30 October - 4 November 2021

Please complete the GLEON 2022 All Hands' Meeting registration and abstract submission form no later than Friday, 30 September 2022

1) Email Confirmation: You will receive an auto email confirmation from Please be sure to add this e-mail address to your safe list so you can receive the confirmation in a timely manner.

2) Registration Fee: Due to financial and other uncertainties with planning and attending meetings during the coronavirus pandemic, the GLEON Steering Committee is proposing a new registration fee structure to allow attendees to select the fee most appropriate to their situation and allow meeting organizers the ability to establish a reserve fund to deal with contingencies. Limited registration support is available upon request (see below).

The registration fee options are as follows:

  • $200 (e.g., for graduate students and others applying for travel or registration support from GLEON)
  • $300 (e.g., for those with limited research or travel funding)
  • $400 (e.g., for senior researchers with funding available to cover full registration costs)

There is no added fee for pre-meeting workshops. 

3) Registration Support: For anyone for whom the registration fee would pose a financial obstacle in attending the GLEON virtual meeting, you can apply to GLEON for support (or a waiver) to cover this cost. There are no geographical or career-stage restrictions on who can apply for support for this meeting, but limited funding is available and emphasis will be placed on creating opportunities for early career scientists and those who demonstrate a need. If you are applying for registration support or already been notified by GLEON that you will be receiving support (or a waiver) to cover the cost of registration, please submit this form but then skip the payment step. 

4) Payments: Online payments can be made using PayPal, Visa, and MasterCard. Instructions for making alternative payment arrangements or requesting a fee waiver are provided at the end of this form.

See the meeting website for more information, including COVID guidelines.

Participant Information
Research Interests in Three Keywords
We are asking you to provide three keywords or phrases of your research interests or expertise. They will be useful for:
 A. Organizing poster presentations; and
 B. Creating a visual representation of science interests.
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