PIEA Fall 2023 Registration Middle School

Welcome to the PIEA Middle School Fall Registration for Rocket League! The 5 week season will begin on October 16th, 2023. Please see the important dates and information below:
SEASON START: October 16th
SEASON ENDS: November 19th
Rocket League: Tuesdays at 3:30 PM
We look forward to having your teams compete this season! 
For any questions, please contact Samantha at samantha@interscholasticesports.org

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Fall 2023 Middle School Season

Please provide how many teams you plan to participate with in the Fall 2023 Season.

Please choose A, B, C, or D based on the number of teams you have competing. For example, if you check A and C, you are registering for 2 teams.

A and B teams should be of a higher rank or more experienced players. C and D teams are geared for beginners and cannot be above a platinum rank.

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