Humble ISD Employee Notice of Retirement

 All questions on this form are required, incomplete forms will not be accepted.

Employees relocating after retirement must log into MUNIS ESS to update their address.
W-2 forms will be mailed to the address in MUNIS.

Contract employees retiring mid contract or after the resignation deadline must also complete the
Release from Contract Request form found on the HR Forms site.

Has principal/supervisor been notified: *
If you are a contract employee, have you completed the Release of Contract form: *
How would you rate your experience in Humble ISD in regard to the following? *
Working relationship with your supervisor
Adequacy of job orientation and training
Evaluation procedure
Employment benefits
Communication within the district
Overall experience with Humble ISD
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Click on the link below for information on the continuation of benefits coverage after employment.
Please check below. *
Employees completing their work year may continue current benefits through August 31. (CHOOSE ONE OPTION) *
Final Paycheck Instructions (CHOOSE ONE OPTION) *
If you selected a salary payoff above, select a date for your payoff check below (CHOOSE ONLY ONE):
Any changes to the Final Paycheck Instructions or Salary Payoff Date after this form has been submitted, must be made in writing to the Personnel Office. You will receive a confirmation email from the HR Department after your retirement notification is received.  Please be sure to submit your TRS-7 to Payroll prior to final check date.
Submitting: Please print a copy of this form for your records before clicking on Submit.  *