Surry County Energy Project Survey

The Surry County Department of Planning and Community Development is very interested in knowing the community's input on energy projects and what you would like to see in the future for Surry County. Community feedback during the planning stages of updating the Comprehensive Plan is critical, and we encourage the community to participate and share with us your responses.
Please fill out the following contact information and take the survey below. You may select multiple choices for each question. Your responses will be kept private.
1. What makes you interested in energy projects? *
2. What type of energy projects interest you most (whether your interest be positive or negative)? *
3. What impacts are most concerning about energy projects? *
4. On a scale of 1 to 5, how is Surry managing energy projects? 1-Excellent, 2- Good, 3 - Average, 4 - Needs improvement, 5 - Poor - needs immediate attention *
5. What could be done to improve energy projects? *
6. Do you think Surry County needs to have a defined number of acres or percentage of land devoted to energy projects? *
7. Which of the following economic development projects should be pursued instead of energy projects? *
8. What areas of the County are inappropriate for energy projects? *
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