LAMP Maritime Archaeology Field School Application

Please complete this form to apply for the St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program's (LAMP) maritime archaeology field school.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact Nicholas Budsberg or Chuck Meide at the phone numbers or email addresses below.

St. Augustine Lighthouse Archaeological Maritime Program (LAMP)
St. Augustine Lighthouse & Maritime Museum
81 Lighthouse Avenue
St. Augustine, Florida 32080 USA
Phone: 904-829-0745 (ask for Nicholas Budsberg or Chuck Meide)
Fax: 904-808-1248
If your application is accepted, we will be contacting you shortly to let you know. There are other requirements
for this field school (medical exam, insurance, CPR/First Aid certification, etc., as detailed on our webpage) which we will address at that time.
Please provide three (3) professional references and their emails *
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Emergency Contact

Previous Scientific Diving Experience

Have you been certified as a scientific diver through AAUS or similarly structured standards? *
Are you currently an active diver with that organization? *
If so, are you seeking reciprocity with LAMP? *
Are there any medical conditions that limit your diving? *
Have you ever suffered a diving accident? *

Diving from Boats/Ships *
 Extensive (>20 dives)Moderate (5-20 divesLimited (1-4 dives)None
Small Boat (< 20')
Vessels (21-100')
Ships (>100')
Shore Diving *
 Extensive (>20 dives)Moderate (5-20 divesLimited (1-4 dives)None
General shore diving
Overhead Environments *
 Extensive (>20 dives)Moderate (5-20 divesLimited (1-4 dives)None
Ice Diving
Cave Diving
Cavern Diving
Wreck Diving
Other *
 Extensive (>20 dives)Moderate (5-20 divesLimited (1-4 dives)None
Night Diving
Decompression Diving
Diving at Sea (Blue Water)
Diving EMT/Chamber Operator
Cold Water (<60F Diving)
Limited Visibility (< 5ft)
Zero Visibility
Very Clear Water (> 50' visibility)
Saltwater Diving
Mud or Silt Bottom Diving
Coral Reef Diving
Strong Current Diving
Altitude Diving
Underwater photography/videography
Dry Suit Diving
Nitrox/Mixed Gas Diving
Commercial Diving
Military Diving
Scientific Diving
Surface-Supplied Diving
Rebreather Diving
Towed Diving
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