CSA Teacher/Program Evaluation Form: FOR STUDENTS AND PARENTS
How did you enjoy your lessons, class or ensemble this semester with the NIU Community School of the Arts?  We would love to know!  Please complete this short form and include any comments you would like to share.

Your Instructor
Instructor knowledge is:
Organization of information is:
Variety of teaching techniques is:
Ability to explain concepts clearly is:
Willingness to help is:
Teaching at the appropriate level for me/my child is:
Ability to excite interest in topic is:
Punctuality and dependability are:
Private lesson students: Did you participate in a recital at the end of the semester?
If not, why not?

Overall Program
The community school's website (http://www.niu.edu/extprograms/csa/index.shtml) is:
The value of your arts experience this semester in relation to its cost is:
Contact with the CSA office is:

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