September 7 through November 5, 2021

(Nine week session)

The vision of the Figure Skating Club of Minneapolis is a skating community where people of all ages are self-confident, have outlets for creativity and enjoy healthy balanced lifestyles.

We believe that the way to accomplish this is to have More Skaters Skating More!

All skaters and their families feel like they are living crazy, busy lives. In order to make it easier for More Skaters to Skate More, we also believe we need to maximize opportunity, flexibility and affordability.

We foster opportunity by encouraging skaters to pick a contract bundle that provides access to more ice sessions. Bundled sessions are generally 10 weeks long allowing skaters to increase their opportunities to skate throughout the year. Each contract will consist of up to eight sessions per week.

We foster flexibility by making all the ice sessions interchangeable. They will all be 45 minutes in length. Flexibility is also encouraged by allowing skaters to easily skate on whatever days work for them.

We foster affordability by pricing the bundled packages substantially below what the same number of sessions would cost under a price per session system.