People for Parks Fund Advisory Committee

Would you like to help transform Minneapolis Parks?

The People for Parks Fund is seeking new members for its Advisory Committee! We are looking for leaders and park lovers who reflect the tremendous diversity of Minneapolis.

People for Parks Fund

The People for Parks Fund has been created for the purpose of advancing under-supported projects and programs in Minneapolis parks and to serve as the catalyst for connecting community-driven ideas and funding that nurture stewardship, community and enjoyment of our parks. It is part of the Minneapolis Parks Foundation. 

People for Parks Fund Advisory Committee

This committee is responsible for the following:

  • Providing oversight and volunteer guidance for the People for Parks Fund.
  • Recommending and guiding an annual process for setting grant priorities for the year, creating a timeline for seeking proposals and distributing a set amount of funds annually.
  • Actively supporting fundraising activities to generate new contributions to the People for Parks Fund.
  • Recommending a dollar amount to be distributed in grants on an annual basis. 
  • Capturing stories about the impact of each year’s funds from each grant.
  • Enhancing racial equity within the Minneapolis park system.

Committee members are expected to attend monthly committee meetings and volunteer for People for Parks Fund events.

Committee members are elected for two-year terms. Once the two-year term has expired, members are eligible to serve a second term, pending approval by a majority of PFP Fund Advisory Committee members. All committee members must also be approved by the MPF Executive Committee.  

Potential committee members must demonstrate their commitment by attending one committee meeting prior to being appointed to the committee. They may be elected at the beginning of the second committee meeting they attend and will immediately assume voting rights.

We’re seeking applications from individuals interested in serving as volunteer Advisory Committee members for 2021-2022 terms. Applications will be accepted until all seats are filled.