Dear North Tama County Community Member,

We want to hear from you!
The North Tama County Community School District is known as a small-town school that offers outstanding learning opportunities. We are committed to providing an excellent learning environment for our students so that we can best prepare them for the years ahead.
At this time, the district has numerous facility challenges that, if left unaddressed, threaten the level of quality education we can provide. By acting now, we believe we can address these needs and ensure North Tama County continues to provide excellent learning environments for students now and in the years to come.
In January 2021, we engaged a team to perform a comprehensive study of all facilities within the district and create a long-range facilities master plan.
Through the study, we learned that, due to the age and condition of our facilities, maintenance alone would cost $13 million over the next decade. We wanted to know if there would be a wiser investment that could provide a 21st century learning environment for our students and better position our facilities for the future.
In the past 18 months, the district has hosted community input meetings and provided other opportunities for you to share your thoughts about the future of our facilities. Now, we’re asking for your input about a potential solution.
This anonymous survey will be open until Tuesday, October 4, 2022. The estimated time to complete the survey is 5-10 minutes. We want to stress the importance of your feedback, which will be used by the North Tama County School Board to further strengthen our district.

Thank you for your time and thoughts. Please encourage others who live in the district to complete the survey, as well. If you have questions, we encourage you to contact our district offices at 319-478-2265.

Members of the North Tama County School Board
Rod Zobel, President
Cheryl Popelka, Vice President
David Calderwood
Doug Dvorak
Valerie Bradley
David Boldt
Haley Blaine