Application for Incomplete status

The status of "Incomplete" is assigned to students facing medical/health concerns or struggling with other forms hardship/trauma, and is essentially just a very long extension (usually 6 months) on your assessment tasks. It does not mean you enrol in the next offering of the subject as very often subjects will not be offered in consecutive semesters.
An Incomplete is designed to help students who find themselves in circumstances beyond their control, after the census date; if the census date has not yet passed for your subject, you should withdraw from the subject here and enrol in it again at a later date. 
Incomplete applications shoild be made within 2 weeks of the end of the teaching period.
I belong to the Faculty of: *
And study period: *
I have spoken to these staff about this: *
This is my last subject/s and I'm hoping to graduate *
I would like to apply for:
I wish to apply for Incomplete status on the following grounds: *
Examples of circumstances include, but not limited to;

- Sudden changes regarding income, employment or housing.

- Victim of crime (including domestic violence)

- Injury or illness

- Hospitalisation

- Diagnosed mental health condition


Acceptable evidence include;

- Letter from a hospital or health care professional

- Centrelink statement

- Community Service statement

- Police Case Number

- Letter from Counsellor or Pastor


Once you click "send", the application is sent to the Academic Registrar, who will consult with the Faculty Dean, and any staff you have spoken to about the issue, as nominated by you in this form. 

The Academic Registrar will notify you of the outcome by email within 14 days of submission of this form.


I understand that the granting of Incomplete status means I will have an additional 6 months of extended time to complete the assessment work for the subject/s and I will not be allowed to enrol in any new subjects until the Incomplete subjects are finalised. Incomplete subjects do not count as currently enrolled subjects for legal purposes, such as Centrelink payments. *