Extension Request Form

My course belongs to the Faculty of Education *
I wish to apply for: *
Regular extensions cover a single assessment task in a single unit. You will need a separate form for each assessment task.
You cannot apply for a 7 day extension on an assessment that has already had an extension granted on it. I.E. You cannot receive an extension on an extension. If you have already received a 7 day extension and require more time, you will need to submit an 8-14 day extension request or a Dean's Extension request.
Extensions of longer than 7 days will only be granted on medical, compassionate or extenuating grounds, and require documented evidence in order to be assessed. Applications without appropriate evidence will not be approved.
Examples of circumstances considered include, but are not limited to;
- Sudden changes regarding income, employment or housing.
- Victim of crime (including domestic violence)
- Medical conditions of a serious nature, e.g., hospitalisation, serious injury or illness. 
- Diagnosed mental health condition
- Compassionate (death of a close family member, significant family and/or relationship problems)
Examples of acceptable evidence include, but are not limited to;
- Letter from a hospital or health care professional
- Centrelink statement
- Community Service statement
- Police Case Number
- Letter from Counsellor or Pastor
Dean's extensions cover all assessment tasks across multiple units. Please list all units you wish this application to cover.
I have received an extension for this assessment previously *
Multiple 7 days extensions are not permitted. You will need to speak to your Head of Program to determine a path forward.

I have spoken to these staff about my situation: *
This is my final study period and I'm hoping to graduate: *
Extensions can sometimes interfere with a student's ability to attend the graduation ceremony, depending upon the length and timing of the extension. Please discuss this carefully with your Head of Program as it may impact the outcome or duration of this request.